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Instant Accept


Features and Enhancements for October 20, 2021

What's New

Instant Accept Desktop Financial and QuickBooks


Customer is now allowed to overpay by updating the total amount. Instant Accept would then apply what’s needed from the payment to the invoice, and then create a credit in the customers profile in QuickBooks with the remainder. Feature must be turned on in the settings to allow over payments. If turned off, the payment amount field would be grayed out and overpayments would not be allowed.

QuickBooks Connections

Removed the Instant Accept Desktop Financials Windows service component which will provide a simpler start up process, streamlined stable connection to QuickBooks and eliminated the need to have the service running in the background.

QuickBooks Company Files & Databases

  • Eliminated the need for Instant Accept Desktop Financials to access invoices directly from the QuickBooks invoice database. Instant Accept will now copy the invoices from the QuickBooks database to an Instant Accept database in the cloud. The result will be a performance improvement when accessing stored invoices.
  • Access multiple company files from Instant Accept. We have updated Instant Accept so you can access multiple QuickBooks company files from one machine running Instant Accept.
  • Instant Accept now updates QuickBooks with a note that indicates the customers credit card number is now on file with Instant Accept.

Recurring Manager

  • Recurring Transaction Manager – The recurring transaction start date can be modified to todays or a future date.
  • You can export data from the Recurring Transaction Manager.

Release Version: 1.77.1

Other Updates This Month

October 20, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.77.1

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