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Instant Accept


Integrate CardPointe’s EMV Certified Terminals with Instant Accept

Process Transactions Directly Within Instant Accept Through EMV certified CardPointe Integrated Terminals

Instant Accept (IA) and its proprietary accounting plugin solution that enables the only true dynamic accounting program integration for creating and paying invoices has completed its integration for CardConnect’s CardPointe Integrated terminals platform. Making integrations with CardPointe’s EMV certified CardPointe Integrated terminals even easier while merchants can still keep all the benefits of Instant Accept as their QuickBooks integration for accepting payments.

Extra Layer of Security for Peace of Mind

Easily and securely accept payments while CardPointe Integrated Payments integrates point-to-point encryption (P2PE) easily within any software environment offering PCI validated P2PE. With the Instant Accept and CardConnect’s CardPointe Integrated payments integration merchants can expect secure reliable payment acceptance utilizing tokenization and P2PE.

Instant Accept and CardPointe takes the worry out of EMV payment acceptance, data breach protection, and PCI security compliance and finding EMV certified devices.

EMV-Certified Payment Processing Bolt Terminals

Instant Accept now supports all EMV terminals supported by CardConnect’s CardPointe Integrated platform. The solution is seamless, and merchant’s can easily add a Cardpoint account or CardPointe Integrated terminal to use with Instant Accept by adding their merchant ID and CardPointe Integrated terminal serial number to their Instant Accept account. Once activated the transactions originating from Instant Accept, Cardpointe, or a bolt terminal will automatically synch back to Instant Accept and post the payment to the merchant’s customers’ open invoice in QuickBooks.

CardConnect resellers and merchants can now take advantage of any EMV certified CardPointe Integrated terminal to process transactions directly within Instant Accept for any version of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), Online or Enterprise.

The following EMV Certified CardPointe Integrated terminals will be supported with IA and CardConnect’s CardPointe integration:

Start Accepting Payments Now

Accepting payments is even easier with the integration between Instant Accept and CardPointe. Merchants will have all the security and peace of mind with P2PE, tokenization, and EMV payment devices all while taking payments on the go. Merchants will have streamlined payments with Instant Accept all while it synchronizes payments and invoices in real-time. Leaving business owners more time to improve their business and increase their revenue stream. Get started today and save time, money, and resources while increasing your bottom line.

Start Running Your Business, Not Your Bookkeeping

With Instant Accept you can know that your customer data is safe and secure within a PCI Compliant environment. Fewer hassles, better security, and freedom to grow. Run your business the way that you want to. Why not get started now by clicking the contact us button below! Do it today!

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