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What does .com stand for at the end of an URL?

.COM is short for Commercial or company. Meaning that normally a website that uses this at the end of their URL is a company, commercial business, or for profit. This was the standard a couple of decades ago. But as of today it has become a catch all instead. It is the most common domain used. An example of the use of a .com domain extension is in the image below for Instant Accept.

.com domain extension example with Instant Accept.

You will also notice that there are many of domains such as

These domains have been around since the internet started. But today there are many others that have been added to list. Such as

  • .info
  • .live
  • .dev
  • .media
  • .online
  • .page
  • and so many more…

Other items of the URL you may want to learn more about are:

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