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Sales Order

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What is a sales order?

A sales order is a document created by a seller for a business which details all products and services that a customer has ordered. Sales orders will also include product condition, terms for payment, quantity intended to be purchased be a customer and how much each item cost plus the total amount owed.

The sales order normally includes the following information. Not all information is required. Requirements are based on a business’s needs.

Instant Accept Sample Invoice
  • Company Name and contact information
  • Customer Name and contact information
  • Billing information for the customer
  • Shipping information for the customer
  • Product and / or Service information
  • Before tax prices
  • Tax total
  • Shipping & delivery charges
  • Surcharges
  • Subtotal price
  • Total price
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Any relevant information such as notes, requirements by customer, or sales notes
  • Signature of customer

Sales orders are generally different than an invoice.

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