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Newsletter: October 2021 – Hosted Payment Pages

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October 2021


Hosted Payment Pages and the Benefits to Merchants

This month we will cover our improved Hosted Payment Page that is available in the Instant Accept gateway settings. The Hosted Payment Page, gives merchants multiple options to receive payments from their customers. The checkout experience is completely customizable for you and your customer’s specific needs. From a single link that can be emailed to an individual customer or adding your payment page to your website, the Hosted Payment Page offers flexibility to make accepting payments from your customers easier than ever.


Locating Your Hosted Payment Page

To setup a hosted payment page for your website, simply login to the portal. Go to Acquiring > Virtual Terminal > Hosted Payment Page. This is also where you can give the API needed for your web development person or department to setup the page for you.

The Debut of Mastercard Installments

Mastercard Logo

Joining the BNPL comes Mastercard Installments. Mastercard will soon give consumers the option to accept offers online or in-store if they accept Mastercard. There are several options that consumers can choose from for their purchases which includes 0 percent financing. This option from Mastercard will be implemented in the USA, UK, and Australia sometime at the beginning of 2022. As well as zero percent financing, Mastercard Installments will offer covers fraud protection with zero liability on purchases. The fraud protection gives consumers the ability to challenge charges to their account that they do not recognize. This newest offering from Mastercard will work with websites and digital wallets.

With the pandemic of COVID-19 these types of options are showing sales increases and cart abandonment of 35 to 45 percent improvement after the implementation of many BNPL options that are available.

A Breakdown of Tax Due Dates for Businesses in 2021

The Pegasus Tax and Accounting group has broken down each due date for tax requirements from businesses. According to them, in October 2021, there is tax reporting due for employees that received tips of $20 or more from September, automatic extensions for individuals to pay their tax, interest and penalties due. Employers with non-payroll withholding, withheld income tax for Social Security and Medicare are required to make their deposits from September. Corporations are required to file their calendar year return, as well as any tax penalties and interest due.

Tips for Running a Successful Business

The pandemic has made business owners, especially small business owners, take a step back and re-evaluate how they run their business. It has forced everyone to be a little more flexible in their decisions and forward momentum for small business decisions. This article provides nine steps you can take to help you make your business successful. Key topics covered are record-keeping, competition, personal lives, providing quality customer service for loyalty and retention, and planning and organization.

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  • Protect Core Data
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