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Newsletter: April 2023 – QuickBooks Integration

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April 2023


Instant Accept and Our QuickBooks Integration

Why continue to use antiquated methods for accepting payments for your business. Today it is more important than ever to make your business run efficiently and not be strapped down with outdated accounting and bookkeeping methods. Instant Accept can improve efficiency and Integration is easy! Instant Accept connects to your QuickBooks company file, so you save time and increase productivity by eliminating the double entry of invoices, items, payments and other QuickBooks information. Instant Accept integrates with the different versions of QuickBooks including, Desktop Financial, Point of Sale and Online. Contact our sales team to see how Instant Accept can further improve your bottom line!


Record a Sale in QuickBooks

Record the sale in QuickBooks as an invoice or sales receipt. When you click the Save button, the system prompts you to choose whether to process the charge. Upon confirmation, the charge is processed securely over the internet through the payment gateway and the payment is recorded in QuickBooks. A pending sales receipt will be “closed”, or an invoice will be marked “Paid” along with a payment reference. Your payments will be processed safe and secure thru the Instant Accept Payment Gateway.

Discontinuation Coming in 2023

While most companies seem to be pushing their customers to online services, QuickBooks is no different. Coming in May 2023, Intuit will discontinue access to add-on services for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2020. This discontinuation affects all versions of QuickBooks Desktop. These include QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Pro and Enterprise Version 20.

If you are not reliant on any of the add-ons offered with QuickBooks, your software will continue to work as expected. But do not look for any support or the ability to have live technical support available to you. This also goes for any of the other Intuit services which are integrated with QuickBooks Desktop.

Save Yourself from Accounting Nightmares

Looking for additional resources for tips on using QuickBooks? American Express has put together a comprehensive list of 25 of the best tips and tricks to help small business owners simplify their accounting for their small business. They offer insights and suggestions to help alleviate frustration, save money, and save time. They go over many topics from restricting access to printing checks directly from QuickBooks and so much more.

Know the Secrets to Help Your Business

myCPE has put together a list of best practices and secrets to help benefit CPAs and bookkeepers to help alleviate the pain of issues that can constantly arise. Each one of these suggestions for a CPA can be put to use in any small business. The have many shortcuts to help your QuickBooks experience to be more efficient.
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  • Choose ANY Processor
  • Accept Multiple Forms of Payments
  • Work Within One User Interface
  • Gateway Sync
  • Multi-store Locations, Websites and Devices
  • Create and Email Invoices
  • Purchase Card Level 2 & 3
  • Tokenization
  • Recurring Payments
  • Convenience Fees & Surcharging
  • Protect Core Data
  • PCI Level 1 Certi­fied

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