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Clarity EPS


Clarity EPS

Meet The CEO​

As a Payments Consultant, I’m an expert in helping businesses process credit cards more efficiently, securely and for less money. While every business is different, and solutions vary, the issues are all the same, high processing fees and inefficiencies in processing hurt the bottom line and constrict growth.

In this business since 2003, I developed a consultative approach when working with business owners. By truly learning about and understanding your business, I will identify the optimal program for accepting and processing credit cards.

All too often, I hear stories of business owners not knowing who to contact with a question as the person who initially set them up has disappeared. Calls for answers to questions get caught in a black hole or connected to a call center where suggested solutions are unhelpful and read from a script. That will never happen with Clarity EPS because I’m your direct contact and will always remain so.

Some of my clients have been with me for 17 years, since I first started in this business. The credit card processing relationship is based on solution expertise, transparency and reliability.

My hands-on consultative approach, coupled with the introduction of new, cutting edge technology and products, help my clients accept credit cards as cost-effective and secure possible. My goal as a Payments Consultant would be to bring positive change to your business through improved cash flow, payment reconciliation and tracking, and transaction/customer data security. If I determine that your business is already utilizing the most appropriate solution, I’ll let you know and thank you for your time.

I’d welcome a conversation to learn more about your frustrations with credit card processing and can be reached at 561-338-4446 or via email.

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