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Instant Accept


Reseller Program


Reseller Program

85% of small-to-medium businesses use QuickBooks® as their main bookkeeping tool. And while QuickBooks® is useful, it also adds a needless layer of complexity. Re-keying POS transactions, reconciling, updating, consolidating data from multiple locations… these all take time and effort, and can add to a merchant’s headaches.

But what if you could help make bookkeeping easy and painless?​​

You now have a way to do just that, with Instant Accept. Instant Accept lets merchants accept any form of payment and process transactions quickly and easily– without ever having to launch QuickBooks®. It works with almost every U.S. and international processor, and works with online, mobile, and tablet payments too.By offering customers Instant Accept, you free them to run their business—and open up profitable opportunities for yourself too.

Benefits of Instant Accept for Your Merchant Customers​​

  • Accepts multiple payment types
  • Allows payments from multiple store locations, websites, and mobile devices
  • Updates QuickBooks® immediately, in real time
  • Manages customer data, invoices, and payments, all from a single user interface
  • Allow customers to pay invoices directly via email
  • Protects sensitive business and customer data
  • Meet all current compliance standards, including PCI-DSS
  • Integrates with the best fraud protection tools available on the market

Benefits of being an Instant Accept Authorized Reseller

  • Provide a real solution to merchants for a common pain point
  • Add real value in an over commoditized industry
  • Broaden your product offering
  • Tap into a lucrative residuals stream
  • Improve merchant retention and satisfaction
  • Feed other product funnels with a dependable gateway product

Become an Instant Accept Reseller Today!​

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