• The Story Behind Instant Accept

    Helping Merchants Save Time and Money

    In doing industry research we found there was a need for a powerful payment processing tool that could simplify credit card processing, all while keeping merchants QuickBooks data up to date.

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  • Step One: Using QuickBooks?

    Want to be able to update your QuickBook data in real-time from anywhere you have an internet connection?

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  • Step Two: InstantAccept

    Do you have a need for multiple forms of payment types while using your current processor?

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    Find out how Instant Accept can help you achieve your goals.

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InstantAccept is the only true seamless native integration of QuickBooks.
It provides a standalone, single user desktop application that transforms your desktop into a Point of Sale
that accepts payments and records them into QuickBooks with a click of a button.

Accepting payments should be simple. And while QuickBooks® is a useful bookkeeping tool, it can add a needless layer of complexity – especially when it comes to accepting multiple types of payment at multiple locations.
But you’re a business owner, not a bookkeeper. That’s why we created Instant Accept – a QuickBooks® point of sale system. Simply put, it’s a payment gateway which makes credit card processing easy. Instant Accept takes the complexity out of QuickBooks® merchant services and frees you to do what you do best: run your business.
What You Can Expect from Instant Accept:

  • Manage the storefront and POS with one screen
  • Accept any payment type from multiple store locations, web sites, and mobile devices
  • Eliminate rekeying transactions
  • Record payments as they are processed
  • Protect core business data and customer data