An Easier Way to Use QuickBooks.®

One screen. One button. One step.

Your Business Is Diverse.

Your processing options should be, too.

Accept payments from multiple methods, sources and sites.



Accept any form of payment and process transactions quickly and easily– without launching QuickBooks®. InstantAccept™ works with almost every U.S. and international processor, and accepts card-not-present transactions and mobile payments too.

A Real


Don’t let the simple stand-alone desktop interface fool you. Under the hood, InstantAccept™ updates your books in real time and seamlessly integrates everything, including invoicing and reporting.

A Win/Win for


Expand your product offering while helping your customers solve one of their biggest headaches: flawlessly integrating POS and online payments with QuickBooks®.

Protect Your


InstantAccept™ is your entry to a whole line of payment processing and fraud protection tools.



Accepting payments should be simple. And while QuickBooks® is a useful bookkeeping tool, it can add a needless layer of complexity – especially when it comes to accepting multiple types of payment at multiple locations.

But you’re a business owner, not a bookkeeper. That’s why we created InstantAccept™ – a QuickBooks® point of sale system. Simply put, it’s a payment gateway which makes credit card processing easy. InstantAccept™ takes the complexity out of QuickBooks® merchant servies and frees you to do what you do best: run your business.



  • Manage the storefront and POS with one screen
  • Accept any payment type from multiple store locations, web sites, and mobile devices
  • Eliminate rekeying transactions
  • Record payments as they are processed
  • Protect core business data and customer data