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Syncing Customer Details in QuickBooks

Instant Accept Online and Syncing Customer Details With QuickBooks

Instant Accept gives you the ability to update, edit or change your customer details. In the background your information is syncing with your customer details in your QuickBooks data file. You will still be able to edit or add customer details within your QuickBooks file directly from our computer.

Instant Accept also has the ability to accept new and edited information such as:

  • Customer Name / Details
  • Items
  • Sales Tax

While making edits or changes, the new information will sync with QuickBooks updating the customer information with the new information. You have the choice to work solely within Instant Accept Online or between QuickBooks and Instant Accept.  All information included within Instant Accept Online communicates directly back to your company file syncing any edits or new customer details that have been added.

With this option, it gives you the ability to do more whether you are mobile or sitting in front of your computer.  You can give your employees the ability to add and edit customer information as needed while you can continue to process transactions through Instant Accept.

Save Time on Bookkeeping for Your Business

Find out how Instant Accept and QuickBooks sync simultaneously by requesting a personalized demo for your business today!

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