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With QuickBooks Online, Instant Accept Gives You More Options

Instant Accept has a unique integration to QuickBooks Online in the sense that it does not work like the other versions of Instant Accept. Since QuickBooks Online is a web-based Saas we are not able to embed Instant Accept into their website. So what we have done is taken the idea of a separate POS piece that syncs automatically and in real-time back to your QuickBooks Online.

Benefits of Using Your QuickBooks Online with Instant Accept

When working within Instant Accept Online you are able to process credit card or ACH payments against existing QuickBooks Online Invoices, create new invoices, and email individual invoices or batch email all invoices at once. Not only is Instant Accept Online easy to work in but it also gives you the ability to have your employees work outside of your QuickBooks to keep all of your sensitive data safe. Instant Accept Online seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks account. Giving you the ability to quickly and easily accept payments while syncing your payment processing data with your QuickBooks data file. This gives you the confidence of knowing you will never have the issues that come with re-keying information again.
  1. Have the ability to process payments within Instant Accept Online and outside of your QuickBooks Online.
  2. Have your employees work outside of QuickBooks Online
  3. Eliminate re-keying with Instant Accept Online since all data syncs in real-time back to your QuickBooks Online.
  4. Have the ability to sync other transactions back to your QuickBooks Online easily with our Gateway Sync feature.
  5. Easily Create New Invoices and New Customers.

Why Not Save Time and Money Today!​

With the integration between Instant Accept and QuickBooks, we help merchants save time and money by accepting multiple forms of payments from multiple locations and devices. Try out the Free Trial of Instant Accept or request a personalized one on one demo. Click the buttons below to start your free trial.
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