Instant Accept Features and Benefits

Have all the functionality of QuickBooks® without actually being in QuickBooks®. Instant Accept offers merchants who use QuickBooks® POS, QuickBooks® Financial or QuickBooks® Online the ability to use any merchant service provider they choose. Everything you can do in QuickBooks® can be done in Instant Accept from any location where you have internet access, allowing […]

Benefits of Using Instant Accept Financial

Benefits of Using Instant Accept with QuickBooks Financial Instant Accept works within your QuickBooks Financial and gives you the ability to still be able to take payments through your customer payment screen or through the sales receipt screen. Instant Accept Financial also gives you the ability to limit what parts of QuickBooks employees can access.  […]

How to View Your Transaction History in Instant Accept Financial

Viewing Transaction History in Instant Accept Financial How To In order to view your transaction history in Instant Accept Financial, you must open your IA desktop application, login and select “Transactions”. Next search the date range of the transaction you are trying to look up. After the transactions pull up, you have the option to […]

Void Transactions for QuickBooks Financial

How to Void Transactions in Instant Accept for Quickbook Financials Need to quickly find out how to void transactions in Instant Accept or QuickBooks Financial?  This tutorial will help you walk through the few steps it takes to void your necessary transactions along with a follow through on creating a credit memo afterwards. Completely close […]

InstantAccept Financial Video Demo

InstantAccept Financial Video: How it Works With QuickBooks Online Walk through how InstantAccept works with QuickBooks Financial.  The supported versions are QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise 2006 to current. InstantAccept can work one of two ways: (1) Inside of your QuickBooks or (2) Outside of your QuickBooks. Working Inside of QuickBooks Financial Once you open […]

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