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Process Payments in QuickBooks Update

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Process Payments

This tutorial will help QuickBooks Pro, Premiere & Enterprise Users to process payments.

Did you know that you no longer have to worry about unchecking the “Process Payment when saving” box located within the “Customer Payment” screen?

Please follow these steps to eliminate that extra step:

  1. Click Lists
  2. Customer & Vendor Profile List
  3. Payment List
  4. Click Payment Method
  5. Click New
  6. Type Other
  7. Choose other (from drop down)
  8. Save

Go to Receive Payment screen, choose your customer, enter the amount and choose other for your payment method.  This will now be your default payment.  You no longer have to choose a credit card type on this screen.  Once you choose other it will now forever be your default.

After you populate the customer name and the amount to receive your line item should highlight on its own.  You are done!  Just click “Save and Close” and InstantAccept will pop up allowing you to process.


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Processing Card Transactions

Processing Card Transactions in InstantAccept Desktop Tips

This is a common misstep when processing card transactions within this InstantAccept Desktop.  When you’re done entering the card holders information (screen below) some merchants think they should click “process”, but if you notice, “process” is faded out in gray.

This walk through is for QuickBooks Pro, Premiere & Enterprise Users.


This is actually the “save” screen:

Card Processing Transactions Screen


After you click “save”, you will then be prompted to the process screen.


Should you continue to have issues please contact Technical Support.