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Using QuickBooks? Want to start accepting payments?

Instant Accept Point of Sale works with QuickBooks Point of Sale software to help you easily accept payments.  It’s integrated with QuickBooks to sync your payments with QuickBooks making less work for you at the end of day.  Less data entry gives you the time to spend on improving your business.  Instead of spending more time working with manually entering your sales in your point of sale system.

InstantAccept Point of Sale


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Make a Sale in InstantAccept Point of Sale Video

How to Make a Sale Video Demo

This video will walk you through the steps to make a sale within InstantAccept Point of Sale and QuickBooks.

Welcome to our How To Make a Sale within InstantAccept Point of Sale Video,

Today we are going to go over how to make a sale using InstantAccept Point of Sale with QuickBooks Point of Sale.

First you will start on the home screen and click the ‘Make a Sale’ button which will bring you to the Sales Receipt screen.

Now it is time to build out the Sales Receipt.  You can enter your items but typing them in or you can scan them in as well.

Once you have all of the items on your sales receipt you will then click “Credit” at the bottom of your screen and select your card type.

InstantAccept will pop up and this is where you will then key or swipe your credit card.  Once you have all of the information filled out click ‘Process’.  Once the credit card is finished processing you can click ‘Print’ to print a receipt from InstantAccept or click close to go back in to QuickBooks.

InstantAccept will post an authorization code to the bottom of your sales receipt screen and you can save and print or save only to store the transaction.

This concludes our How To Make a Sale Video.


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