Merchant Fraud Prevention Tools

Run Your Business— Without Fear of Fraud

Cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to conducting fraudulent transactions and accessing sensitive credit card data. InstantAccept™ works with some of the most cutting-edge fraud solutions to date. This protects your QuickBooks® databases and records, keeping every transaction safe and secure.

Customers using InstantAccept™ with payment gateway integration also have access to some of the most powerful merchant fraud prevention tools available. Using these tools is as simple as signing up, and configuration is simple and totally customizable. Tools such as…


Chargeback Alerts: Reduce Your Chargeback Ratio – Stay in Business

For eCommerce companies, fraud is costly, but chargebacks due to fraud can literally cost you your business: you can be banned from ever accepting credit cards again.

Chargeback Alerts is a unique network of card issuers and merchants that work together to close the information gap and significantly reduce the time it takes for a merchant to be notified of a pending chargeback.

Chargeback Alerts can reduce the time in which merchants are notified of fraud from as many as six weeks to hours, or even minutes in some cases. The merchant is then given the opportunity to nullify the chargeback or simply convert it into a refund, thus preventing it from being counted toward their chargeback ratio. Merchants can also use this data to stop the fulfillment of goods/services and avoid additional chargeback fees, penalties and cost.

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Fear of fraud shouldn’t paralyze your business. Fight fraud and free your business to grow.


Payment Gateway Fraud Features

Customers using InstantAccept™ through the payment gateway integration have built-in fraud tools that can be activated by a simply checking a box.  Each transaction submitted can be filtered through a comprehensive series of fraud prevention rules to determine potential risk. Configuration of these rules is under your complete control using our user-friendly Online Merchant Center merchant administration website.


How to Purchase

To inquire further about Chargeback Alerts or the Payment Gateway Fraud Features, please contact your sales agent or the InstantAccept™ team.