InstantAccept Point of Sale Settings

Accessing the Point of Sale Settings Walkthrough

To access the IA POS Settings you will need to click the ‘I Want to’ drop down and select IA POS Settings.


  • Merchant login is the first tab in the Settings screen. This is where you can log in and save your log in credentials.  If you ever need to update this information this is the screen you will update.  Click ‘Save’ to update.


  • The payment tab is the second tab under the settings screen. There are two sections under this tab.
    • Payment Processing
      • Write AVS in comment in sales receipt: This box will allow the receipt to reflect that the address verification is turned on.
      • Process payment on card swipe- This box will allow you to have InstantAccept automatically process the payment after swiping the card.
      • Allow credit card to be credited: This box will allow you to process a refund without a receipt (see option 2 under the refund section). To fully enable this feature please contact InstantAccept support.
      • Print receipt when transaction completes: This box will allow you to have your InstantAccept receipts print automatically after the transaction is processed.
      • Zip code is required for payment processing. This box will enforce typing in the zip code when processing a payment.
    • Payment Method
      • Enable Credit Card: This box will enable you to accept credit cards through InstantAccept (must be approved by processor and indicated on your account)
      • Enable eCheck: This box will enable you to accept echecks through InstantAccept. (This must be approved by processor and indicated on your account.)
    • Save your setting once you are finished.

Receipt Print:

  • Receipt Print is the third tab in the settings window. This is where you are able to insert a logo, add merchant info, adjust the signature/ footer text, or edit the receipt to your liking from the receipt print editor.
  • Save your setting when finished.