InstantAccept POS – How to Make a Sale

How to Make a Sale in InstantAccept Point of Sale

Click on the ‘Make a Sale’  button on the left side of the screen in your QuickBooks POS.

Make a Sale Button in QuickBooks Screenshot

Select the item being purchased.

List of Purchased Items Screenshot


Choose your customers payment type. Then click the “Process” Button.
Note: If you are using a card reader, click swipe before you swipe the credit card; otherwise, key in the credit card information.

Credit Card Transaction Screen


Click the “Print” button to print the Customer Receipt.

Click the “Close” button to go back to your QuickBooks Customer and Items Purchased Screen

Make a Sale Screenshot


Please note: On the QuickBooks Customer and Items Purchased Screen, InstantAccept has posted the last four digits of the card number and an authorization code for your reference.

InstantAccept Authorization Code

Click “Save Only” button

Save and Print Screen


If this walk through does not help you try walking through the steps again or contact our technical support team or call (855) 220-2840.

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