Gift Cards Program

Instant Gift Gift Card LogoInstantGift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our quality gift cards will generate additional revenue at the time of purchase, when redeemed, and provide additional cash flow. Most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, so merchants enjoy the additional cash flow. Use gift cards to promote sales events, new products, and new locations.

  • InstantGift is a seamless gift solution that works within Instant Accept for QuickBooks Point of Sale and MyVPOS.
  • InstantGift is easy to use and has the ability to convert over existing Intuit gift cards. This will save time and money for each merchant wanting to convert over.
  • InstantGift makes its simple to issue, redeem, and check card balances easily through the gift portal right within Instant Accept QuickBooks POS.
  • InstantGift offers a variety of pre-designed cards to choose from for any occasion, along with envelopes, table tents, stickers, and signage.
  • InstantGift also offers custom cards with merchant’s logo and other information. This gives merchants the ability to boost brand awareness and impulse purchasing.
  • Lower fees than comparable gift card programs, offering up to 200 monthly transactions for FREE.
  • Promote sales and new products / services all while keeping your accounting records in sync.