Creating QuickBooks Credit Memos – Update

QuickBooks Credit Memos and InstantAccept Desktop – Update

Are you finding issues from QuickBooks credit memos not being created correctly through your InstantAccept Desktop account when syncing? The following update will affect QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise Users.

InstantAccept Desktop can now auto generate credit memo numbers. There are just a few settings that you will need to walk through. This will ensure the settings you have are accurate and everything is working properly.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open InstantAccept Desktop
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Number Generation”
  4. Under “Invoicing Ref Number Generation”
    1. Choose “InstantAccept Ref Number”
  5. Under “Other Number Generation”
    1. Choose “Credit Memo line”
      1. Click “Auto Number Generation”

You should now be able to create credit memos within your InstantAccept Desktop without issues.  The credit will then sync with your QuickBooks data file.  If it does not please try walking through the steps again or contact our technical support team or call (855) 220-2840.