About Us at Instant Accept

In doing industry research Instant Accept found there was a need for a powerful payment processing tool that could simplify credit card processing and all while keeping bookkeeping in merchants QuickBooks data up to date.


Instant Accept was designed to adapt to all current and future needs of any merchant.


With the improvements we’ve seen in the ability for merchant’s to focus more on their business we decided to make Instant Accept compatible with other bookkeeping programs such as Sage, NetSuite and many others all while giving the merchant the ability to stay with their current credit card processor.  When we created Instant Accept we kept it compatible with many other products and processors.
Instant Accept has also been customized for merchant’s to accept multiple types of payments at the Point of Sale.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards (PIN or PIN-less)
  • Card Not Present
  • ACH
  • Electronic Check
  • Check21
  • Cash

All while making fraud and chargebacks a thing of the past.
Instant Accept is led by industry veterans who have not only worked in the payments industry for years, but have literally shaped it. Our technology strategy and product suite stem from developing payment and fraud prevention solutions for the world’s largest banks and payment institutions. Our experience, deep knowledge and commitment to innovation enable us to anticipate opportunities—and challenges. We make it a habit to develop the tools you need before you even know you need them.


And so Instant Accept frees you to do what you do best: RUN YOUR BUSINESS. Contact us now!